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WATERPROOF Thermal Poly Paper Rolls with Perforations

Micro Format, Inc. is your source for Thermal Paper Sheets, Rolls, Fan-Fold Thermal for use in Mobile Printers.

PocketJet for ipad

    Thermal Paper for PocketJet® Mobile Printing

    • Law Enforcement
      • Parking Violation Ticket Rolls
      • E-Ticket thermal printer paper rolls
      • E-Citations thermal printer paper rolls
    • Fire Rescue
    • Pest Control
    • Delivery Services
    • Heating and Air Conditioning
    • Moving & Storage Companies
    • Auto Parts Delivery
    • Thermal Paper for Mobile Computing
    • Portable Printer Paper Rolls and Sheets

There are NO controversial chemicals, bisphenol-A (BPA)
in Micro Format SecureGuard™ Thermal Paper Products.

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  • WATERPROOF Thermal Poly Paper Rolls with Perforations

  • Thermal Paper Sheets
  • Continuous Fan-Fold Direct Thermal Paper
  • Continuous Fan-Fold 3 HOLE PUNCHED Direct Thermal Paper for PocketJet Printers
  • Thermal Paper Rolls
  • Thermal Paper Rolls with Perforations
  • Thermal Paper Rolls 3 HOLE PUNCHED with Perforations

    SecureGuard™ Waterproof Poly Thermal on Rolls for use in PocketJet Printers

    For use in BROTHER® PocketJet 6® and all PocketJet® Series Printers
    and older PENTAX® Pocketjet® Series Printers
    Waterproof thermal paper rolls
    Meets and Exceeds ALL Federal and State WATERPROOF and ARCHIVE Requirements.

    Waterproof Thermal Paper 25 year archive thermal paper no tear thermal paper
    Waterproof Material Specifications

    For Use With:
    PocketJet 3 Plus, PJ622 PocketJet 6, PJ623 PocketJet 6 Plus, PJ662 PocketJet 6 with Bluetooth, PJ663 PocketJet 6 Plus with Bluetooth, PJ663-K

  • Waterproof Polypropylene Direct Thermal Rolls

    Micro Format SecureGuard
    Item# SP858

  • Bright White
  • Archival Quality 25 years
  • 1/2" core
  • Sensing mark on back
  • 8-1/2" x 100' rolls (100 sheets)
  • Polypropylene Direct Thermal Rolls WITH Perforations every 11 inches
    Same Material as Brother Item# LB3664-001
  • Smear Resistance
  • Recommended for outdoor applications.
  • 6 Rolls Per Pack (100 pages per roll)

    Item# SP858
    6 rolls per carton
    $170.00 per carton

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